About Crek™

Pizza Crek Reinvented Pizza.

It’s not Crepe, Pancake, Cone, nor Taco. It’s Pizza Crek! Extra Thin and Crispy Pasta, which is filled with the most varied and tasty ingredients. More than 40 flavors of pizzas (savory, sweet, and light) for customers to choose from.

At Pizza Crek everything is designed to have the best and most spectacular experience when enjoying a practical, cheap, different, crunchy, and delicious Pizza. We are also incredibly criterious in the choice of ingredients and our Pizzas presentation that are individually wrapped to facilitate tasting.

Pizza Crek was invented by one of its partners. This pizzaiolo worked in the most traditional pizzerias in São Paulo for many years. One night, after a busy day at one of these pizzerias, he decided to make a pizza for himself. That day, what he sought was practicality, so that the use of dishes was not necessary. After the first unsuccessful attempt, he decided to invest in the idea and improved the dough to make Pizza Crek feasible, which today has a patent applied for.

With the fixed idea that he had invented something extraordinary, his brother-in-law and investing partners brought the necessary capital for financial adjustments. They founded Pizza Crek, which today is a success wherever it goes. There are more than 500,000 Crek Pizzas consumed monthly. Pizza Crek is the Brazilian Pizza brand with the largest number of followers on Facebook and Instagram, precisely because it is practical, delicious, and innovative.